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Eevah Jewelry

You are about to experience stunning jewelry designed by artists and inspired from countries around the world.

Jewelry just got personal. We are thrilled to bring women beautiful jewelry to enrich their own personal style. Each person is unique and our designers understand the need for versatile jewelry pieces that make you feel special when you put them on. Rest assured our quality is world class, combining the latest advances in sophisticated American material technology with old world craftsmanship. One of the best parts about Eevah jewelry is that almost every piece can be personalized to create a one-of-a-kind item. Some jewelry pieces have charms that can be personalized and some have our signature Eevah metal tag that can be personalized. You will love wearing Eevah jewelry yourself and creating special gifts for the ones you love. Also know that every piece of jewelry purchased furthers the mission of Eevah and benefits children in under-resourced areas.

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Meet the Eevah Executive Design Team

Our Founder, Dan McCarty, first met Margaret Ross in 1999 and was impressed by her jewelry designs. After completing her degree in Jewelry Design, Margaret worked in the jewelry industry. She is known for her creative originality that translates into unique, fun, fashionable and wearable pieces that are often personalized. When Dan shared the vision of Eevah with her, Margaret was excited to link her passion for jewelry with her passion to help children in need. She is one of a handful of artists who holds U.S. patents on jewelry designs and Eevah is proud to offer some of those exclusive designs.

Katie Miller, Eevah's Creative Director, is also a member of our design team. Katie has a life long passion for design and brings an eclectic approach to her jewelry creations. A generation Xer, Katie contributes a youthful flair that journeys to the creative edge of fashion while keeping a classic sensibility that ignores generational boundaries.

Rounding out the team, from his years of experience in manufacturing jewelry, Dan McCarty keeps a watchful eye on the integrity and quality of the materials that are used, taking advantage of the latest technologies and advances in material science to ensure that each Eevah piece will exceed the expectations of our discerning clients.

Our goal is to create beautiful and meaningful jewelry that brings joy and pleasure to the wearer and aids thousands of children in need around the world. We would be thrilled to have you wear Eevah jewelry!